The main website at was first hosted on a WordPress. But at some point, I decided to go with the more flexible, robust and lightweight DokuWiki.

I had to import all the previous content on this DokuWiki instance, including a bunch of quotes I amassed over the years. I wanted to revamp the Quotes page, especially to take full advantage of the (amazing) Blog plugin – which offers the exact amount of structure I need for this type of content.

I imported the quotes in a new data structure, and set more robust and more “semantic” meta-data (except the time1). I’m really glad with the result, and I hope to find new interesting or inspirational quotes really soon!

You can check the new Quotes page at or by clicking on the button in the main menu. I hope you will enjoy it!

Updated at 23h52 I installed the BlockQuote plugin, and it adds a layer of semantics on top of the actual quotes and authors. Plus, it also styles the quotes in a really nice way. It’s a great addition!

Updated on December 12, 2018 at 14h15 The article was slightly rewritten to take into account that the Blog is now hosted on a different subdomain (powered with Hugo/Blogdown).

  1. For this reason, the six firsts quotes (up to “Ship first, fix later” included) are timed at 12h00.